Descendants of Capt. Richard Sutton , shipmaster

First Generation

1. Capt. Richard Sutton , shipmaster was born 1 on 20 Apr 1780 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA. He died 2 on 23 Aug 1857 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of "paralysis," Æ 78. He was buried in 2do Cementerio de Disidentes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shipmaster, merchant, and innkeeper
[Murray, Thomas; The Story of the Irish in Argentina, New York, 1919]

Sep 1814, Private. Capt. C. Barnes' Company, Lieut. Col. M. Nichols' Regiment. From Sep 7 to Sep 19, and Sep 28 to Oct 27, 1814. Raised at Portland. Portland Artillery Company.

1821-1827, Shipmaster, Broad Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
[Portland City Directories]

3 May 1824, Arrives in Boston from Buenos Aires on the "Crus"; age 45
[Balto-Boston-Phila Passenger Lists]

1827, Sutton & Co., Buenos Aires, Argentina
[The British Packet and Argentine News, Nº 61, 6 October 1827]

1828, Sutton & Co., Buenos Aires, Argentina
[The British Packet and Argentine News, Nº 117, 1 November 1828]

8 Oct 1828, Judgement in favour of Richard William Sherwood of Port Antonia, Jamaica, in the amount of $ 4364.50 plus costs and tax.
[Rockingham County Deeds, Book 258, Page 357]

1829, Sutton, Gregory & Cía., Merchants and Forwarders, Buenos Aires, Argentina
[Almanaque de comercio para la ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1829, p. 16]

7 July 1829, Arrives in New York from Curaçao on the "Napoleon", age 50
[Balto-Boston-Phila Passenger Lists]

Oct 1829, Arrives in Buenos Aires on the "Jon"

1830, Sutton, Gregory & Cía., Merchants and Forwarders, Buenos Aires, Argentina
[Almanaque de comercio para la ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1830, p. 102]

29 Aug 1835, Arrives in Buenos Aires at the command of the "Potomac," the first voyage by a steamboat from New York to Buenos Aires.
[The British Packet and Argentine News, 5 September 1835]

November 1845, while in Ranchos, BA, suffers and attack of apoplexy that leaves him with on leg and one arm paralyzed.

Economic considerations were paramount in the family’s removal to the newly independent state. Captain Sutton had lost a suit brought to him by a merchant from Port Antonia, Jamaica in the amount of 5,014 dollars and was forced to sell most of his properties to settle the claim. At the same time, his trade with Rio Grande and Buenos Aires was growing to the point were, by the end of 1829 no less than three ships a week were arriving at the port of Salado, consigned to Sutton & Co. That same year, the trade consisted primarily of the export of flour, rum, wood and molasses to Buenos Aires and wool and leather back to New England. By then, Capt. Richard's brother, William, had acquired the mills in North Andover, several buildings of it surviving to this day, requiring a steady supply of wool. By 1829, the mills were processing 300,000 lbs. of wool per year.
The immigrants would soon become firmly attached to their new land. In 13 March 1828, Richard Jr., Lucy’s youngest brother, married Mauricia, daughter of General Lucio N. and Polonia (Duarte) Mansilla. General Mansilla was one of the foremost members of the Buenos Aires social and political elite, and a brother-in-law of Argentina’s strongman General Juan Manuel de Rosas. This relationship would create several opportunities, as Capt. Sutton would become the beneficiary in 1830 of a monopoly on steam navigation and in 1832 a monopoly on the South Atlantic fisheries.
[See, Registro Nacional, Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional, Sala de Legisladores, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Boletín Oficial, Septiembre 1830; Acordada Nº 113 a solicitud de Don Ricardo Bradley; also, Manning, William R., Correspondencia Diplomática de los Estados Unidos concerniente a la Independencia de las Naciones Latino Americanas. Versión Castellana de Pedro Capó Rodríguez. (Librería y Editorial La Facultad, Buenos Aires, 1930), Tomo I, Parte 2, Documento Nº 70 (Buenos Aires, 24 July 1832) and Nº86 (Washington, February 1833)]

Richard married 1, 2 Lucy Lord daughter of Dr. Josiah Lord and Sarah Johnson on 13 Dec 1802 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA, intention. Lucy was born 3, 4, 5 on 15 Aug 1781 in Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA. She died 6 on 2 Apr 1871 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of yellow fever. She was buried in Cementerio del Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Guardianship granted to Samuel Lord, Jr., with John Lord and Benjamin Lord, as sureties, children of Josiah Lord, late of Ipswich, physician, deceased [Probate Record, Essex County, Ma Book 365, Page 127 5 April 1797]

"Guardianship of Lucy Lord, a minor aged more than 15 years, Sarah Lord, more than 13 years, Mary Lord, more than 10 years, and Elizabeth Lord, more than 8 years, all children of Josiah Lord, late of Ipswich, physician, deceased, was granted to Samuel Lord, Jun'r, who gave bonds with John Lord and Benjamin Lord. 5 Apr., 1797" [Fewkes, Darling Papers Volume 32, Page 15a & 16]

Lucy's remains were transferred to Cementerio Británico in 1893, and were reburied next to her granddaughter Catalina Bradley.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Lucy Ann Sutton
+ 3 F ii Elizabeth Sutton
  4 M iii John Sutton was born in 1806 in Portland, Maine, USA. He died 1 on 17 Nov 1823.
+ 5 M iv Richard Sutton , Jr. , merchant
+ 6 M v David S. Sutton
+ 7 F vi Elizabeth Sutton Lord
+ 8 M vii Jeremiah Lord , housewright
+ 9 M viii Dr. Richard Sutton Rust , A.M., D.D., LL.D.

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