Yankees in the River Plate

Descendants of Capt. Richard Sutton and Lucy Lord

Two centuries bringing Republicanism and Democracy to the wilderness

During the War between Argentina and the empire of Brazil in the 1820's (the latter with support from England in the person of Lord Cochrane -the nephew of that Admiral who ordered the burning Washington DC in 1814), Capt. Richard Sutton arrived in the River Plate with ships for the fledgling navy of the ailing Republic and, perhaps more importantly, with men capable of commanding them to victory. Thus, Admiral William Brown, an American of Irish descent, could count on New England men to man the boats and cause the hated British as much trouble as they could manage. And trouble they caused. The war was won by Argentina on technical terms, after these New Englanders took virtual control of the rivers surrounding the estuary of the Plata without loosing a single battle, even when confronted with seemingly impossible odds. But, as the tide was turning against the Empire, the Argentines accepted a pact brokered by its enemy's ally (England) and from this pact obtained the independence of Uruguay. Today, all three countries enjoy their new venture into a common Market modeled after the European Union -albeit with "emerging markets" overtones- and the subject of this war is relegated to those of us who enjoy history and, almost inevitably, to a few Neanderthals with rather peculiarly chauvinistic notions.

This is the genealogy of a brave man, staunch Republican, devoted Democrat and committed Mason whose descendants continue (for the most part, anyway) to live by the Golden Rule while trying to bring principles of Justice, Morality and Brotherly Love to a people desperately in need of understanding of their civic freedoms, prerogatives and responsibilities. May the memory of our great ancestor continue to flourish between the columns he raised!

Last updated 01 September 2004. A special mention must be made of Graeme Wall, and Jorge A., Amalia and Rodolfo Livingston, who have supplied valuable additional information

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