Descendants of Danyell Broadley de West Morton

Broadley of Bingley

Descendants of Danyell Broadley of Newclose and West Morton

This draft is offered through the Internet, that other researchers may check the accuracy of information relating to their lines, and that additional descendants may submit theirs. I must, however, warn that this is still very much a work in progress, and that not all who have submitted information are yet fully recognized. I will continue to update the source material and hopefully erase any involuntary omissions. My thanks go, nonetheless, to all who have helped make this the most comprehensive genealogy yet of the Bradleys of New England.

In the two years since the last update, many more people have contacted me with additional information and corrections. Again, I am extremelly indebted to all who submit material. I cannot attempt to name them all for fear of unjustly forgetting anyone, but I have named all as sources for their much appreciated data. My gratitude, then, to all who have contributed their time and information. Also, I have deposited fully sourced copies at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the Haverhill, Massachusetts Public Library (Special Collections), and the Library of Congress, and soon I hope to be able to publish the results of this research in book form, a difficult task that requires editing three volumes of approximately six hundred pages each.

Florida, 10 January 2006

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