Direct Line of Descent from Marcus Antonius to Maite Montes-Bradley

First Generation

1. Marcus Antonius was born in 0083 BC. He died in 0030 BC. He was the son of Marcus Antonius Cræticus and Julia

Marcus married (1) Antonia.

Marcus married (2) Fulvia.

Marcus married (3) Octavia Major daughter of Caius Octavius IV , Roman Senator, Prætor and Governor of Macedonia and Attia. Octavia was born about 0040 BC. She died in 0011 BC.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Antonia Minor
+ 3 M ii Marcellus
+ 4 M iii child of Octavia

Marcus married (4) Cleopatra , Queen of Egypt daughter of Ptolemaios XII Neos Dyonisos , King of Egypt. Cleopatra was born about 0070 BC. She died in 0030 BC.

They had the following children:

  5 M iv Alexander Helios was born about 0027 BC.
  6 M v Ptolemaios was born about 0026 BC.
  7 F vi Cleopatra Selene was born about 0025 BC.

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